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If you run a small business, or want to make it easy to get paid by friends, family, or co-workers, then you no longer need to go to your bank, and fill in a million forms and pay huge setup and monthly fees to accept credit card payments. With this app, you can just download it, fill in one form, to say who you are, and where you want the money to go to, and then enter in the amount, currency, and card details of the person who is paying you.

No setup or monthly fees!
Accept a payment on-line

How it works

Download the app

To get started, just download the app for either IOS or Android using the links below;

Create an Account

You will be prompted to fill in your details, including the bank account where you would like to be paid. This form is provided by Stripe, a large US credit card processing company.

Get Paid

After you've opened an account, you can process payments by entering the amount you would like to paid, the currency of the payment, and the card details of the person paying you. You can also just scan the card with your camera, to save time.

Payment direct to your bank account

The most simple credit card processing app in the world.

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